• Comparing the closed financial periods that were performed in line with the actual local GAAP (Hungarian Accounting Standards, UK GAAP or US GAAP) to the IFRS regulations,  by periodically (monthly or quarterly) collecting the differences between the different standard systems and forwarding the findings both in Hungarian and in English as a periodic report to the Hungarian management, but, if required by the customer, we can contact the foreign management as well.
  • Periodic (monhtly or quarterly) reports representing the newly or to be soon implemented IFRS regulations, the adjustments with regards to the older international standards but still in use, with illustrative practical examples supporting the changes
  • Periodic (monhtly or quarterly) reports representing the changes or new conceptions in the Hungarian legal environment, with a factual or potential effect on the transition to IFRS
  • On the longer run, we can offer even the planning, supervision activity and operative support  of the first time IFRS adoption as a project

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